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21 March 2012 @ 06:33 pm
[Recs] Doctor Who Fics | Doctor/Rose  
Recs Doctor Who

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Run | Too many memories can have horrific effects on the mind. So what happens when that mind belongs to a ninehundred year old Time Lord? His memories are catching up with him, and they’ve given him an ultimatum. His wellbeing… or his Rose.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Almost | ♥ | Impossible? Nah, that’s nothing. The Doctor can do impossible in his sleep. Frequently has, too. Some angsty but eventual feelgood stuff with Rose and Ten set after “Doomsday”.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | A Night's Comfort | The Doctor takes a moment to show Rose what their life is when they're not busy running for their lives.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Broken Promises | A little look into the Doctor's mind when he and Martha share a bed. Set during an episode of season three. RoseDoctor. Minor spoilers. One Shot.

Doctor Who | Nine/Rose | I Am | The Doctor is all Rose has. He’s too blind and too stupid to admit he feels the same way. That is, until Jack says something worthwhile for a change, and he begins to wonder... [rest of the summary inside]. Songfic.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Memories | The story of how Rose died. An idea thought up that may be one of the possible reasons for Rose leaving. Getting out of Torchwood Tower was just something that got in the way. And he leaves. Again.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | And I'll Show You The Stars | Rose finds out a few of the Doctor's more adorable hobbies. Some light fluff to ease the mood.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | You Are Always Alone | In the space of a few hours and a cup of tea, the Doctor realises that he's lost the two most important women in his life. Post GitF, so spoilers, obviously.

Doctor Who | Nine/Rose | Welcome To Your Life | The most important things can be what we don’t see. Clips and companion pieces to every episode throughout season one, including some interlude pieces just for fun. Rated for themes and content. Romance. NineRose. First in a Series.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Life As You Know It | As the relationship between Rose and the Doctor develops, can he resist the temptation of his own selfishness? Follows every episode of season two. Sequel to Welcome To Your Life.TenRose.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair | Sometimes, if you look closely, you can see the horizon in her eyes before the sides crinkle and her lashes brush it away, but in that one slow second she has your entire world wrapped in hazel irises.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Castles | ;_; | It can't end like this. Pretty angsty.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Grey | (2nd part of Castles) | It’s silly, he knows, and entirely unhealthy to be doing this. Carrying on conversation like she’ll respond, but is maybe busy thinking of something clever to say, with fingers pulling against her lips as she waits for the perfect comeback.

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | But Broken Lights | Rose and the Doctor after The Age of Steel (book).

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Step By Step | Someone is out to make the Doctor pay for past deeds. And they have the power and resources to make him suffer, physically and psychologically. As the Doctor and Rose are sent reeling from one disaster into another, they must face not only their deranged enemy and those hired by said enemy, but also their growing feelings for each other. Because you never know how much time you have...

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Moving Forward | The Doctor and Rose are thrown into the midst of a planetary conflict. But they soon discover the personal stakes are much higher, as a nightmare from the past rears its head again. Sequel to "Step by Step."

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | The Finish Line | It's been over two months since Rose last saw the Doctor. But things are about to come to a head, and nothing will ever be the same again. Final part of the "Step by Step" trilogy.

Doctor Who | Nine/Ten/Rose | Words

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Second Thoughts

Doctor Who | Ten | Home Movies

Doctor Who | Ten | Regeneration | ♥

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Floe-Fish And Blue Jackets

Doctor Who | Eleven/Amy/Rory, Nine/Rose | Lost In The Laundry

Doctor Who | Ten/Rose | Imposible | Rose no podía creerlo. ¿Todo había terminado? ¿Así, sin más? No podía creerlo, se negaba a creerlo. Él volvería a por ella, como siempre hacía. Salvo porque todo tiene un final.

Doctor Who!Much Ado crossover | Ten/Hero | Much Ado About Even Less | "The 1580s. No, hang on, it says the 1980s. Or maybe it is the 1580s." He wrinkled his nose and hit the TARDIS with a mallet. "Well, we're definitely in Gibraltar. Or maybe that's Messina. In the eighties."

Doctor Who | Rose/Ten, Ten/Master (?) | Surrounded by Morons | 'That would be the second reason things are complicated,' said the Doctor. 'Donna, this is the Master.'
'Ooh, another one of your human pets! This is going to be fun.' The Master inspected Donna casually from his perch by the door. 'She's older than the usual ones.'

Doctor Who | Rose/Ten, Ten/Master (?) | Evil Cupcakes | Life on the TARDIS these days was not quite the idyllic skipping around the universe that Rose remembered. She wouldn't trade it for anything, especially not now her and the Doctor were... whatever they were, but she didn't half wish the Master wasn't around.

Doctor Who | Ten 10.5/Rose | Behind Close Doors | So what now? Life goes on in the alternate universe.

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